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SA Seminar Programme @ The Schoolwear Show 13th to 15th October 2019

SA Logo horizontal2018 saw the introduction of the Schoolwear Association Seminars, which were a great success. For 2019, the seminars were expanded to include six new topics, including new concept discussions with Q&As, giving retailers even more reason to visit the show.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (30/40 mins – Inc Q&A)

Win & Keep Winning Klick Business Solutions
Tenders An evolution in Tendering solutions

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (30/40 mins – Inc Q&A)

Know More About Sue Bolton Consultancy
Products You Buy Design, Mechanical, Chemical, Ethical, Sustainable

Sunday (30/40 mins – Panel Discussion + Q&A)

Social Media Knowhow Getting the Best Results – Host Dan Turner

Rachel Vose, Petites Modes
Luke Conod, The School Uniform Shop
Max Bevis
Tom Keenan


Keyboard warriors are a worry for all small business owners and as a result, the fear can lead to inaction when it comes to online activity. A strong digital presence is now an imperative for all modern business so understanding the different ways to plan a digital strategy, implement it and also respond effectively to those inevitable back to school complaints is important for everyone.

Attend this panel discussion to hear how other independent schoolwear retailers have been able to use social media positively within their business and learn some dos and don’ts of how best to handle customers online.

Monday (30/40 mins – Panel Discussion + Q&A)

Sustainability Future Scenarios, Now – Host Kathryn Shuttleworth
Long Live Uniforms

Susan Jarah, The Green Shop
Jan Richardson, Total Promotions
Mark Stevenson, The Stevenson Group
Luke Conod, The School Uniform Shop


School uniforms represent the most sustainable clothing that children can wear when measured by number of wears per purchase. The statutory guidelines that have been introduced in Wales and are likely to come into force in the rest of the UK at some time in the future, are placing affordability ahead of durability. Within the school specific sector, there is a strong argument to make about the life expectancy of school uniform as a sustainability point, and as the rejection of fast fashion grows, it is important we all make a stand within the market to support second-hand schemes that clearly demonstrate why better uniforms mean they have a longer life.

Meet retailers who have successfully introduced second-hand, re-use and recycle schemes into their businesses to provide both a positive message and positive action.

Monday (30/40 mins – Panel Discussion + Q&A)

Every Child Is Worth It How we work with our Communities – Host David Burgess

Siobhan Margetson, Schoolwear Centre
Peter Dalton, NexGen Clothing


The Schoolwear Association is proud to have been campaigning on this issue, demonstrating some of the excellent work that goes on in retail in order to support vulnerable families and work with schools to assist those that most need it, in a variety of ways.

With the interest that has come from MPs and the media in recent months, claiming that school uniform is a problem for those in poverty and encouraging schools to dumb-down the uniform in order to deal with this, it is important that we showcase how the market already responds to affordability issues and why it will not support those in poverty to simply reduce uniform standards in schools.

Join the panel discussion to hear more about how the retailers we talk to have introduced schemes into their business with positive results.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (30/40 mins – Inc Q&A)

Clear & Present Danger The Schoolwear Association in Action – Chair David Burgess
  What the SA is doing to counter the threats to our market