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Helix is a global brand synonymous with quality stationery products. Since launching in 1887, iconic Helix and Oxford products have helped many generations through their school life.

Now part of the Maped group, the Helix and Oxford ranges are complemented by the Maped brands which offer design-led, innovative products. In the UK, Maped Helix distribute these exclusively to retailers, whilst continuing to market the Helix branded product worldwide.

Maped is a family owned company which has grown to become the world leader in the design and manufacture of school and office supplies. Maped has 18 international subsidiaries that distribute to retailers in over 120 countries across 6 continents and has 4 dedicated manufacturing sites.

Today, Maped Helix has all of your stationery needs covered across a wide range of education, writing and office products. Our vast collection of both traditional and innovative products are all carefully designed for the end user and offer real value for money.


Promotions and Show Offers

20% off SDP on our filled Oxford, Oxford Eco and Maped Pastel CDUs

20% off SDP on our filled Oxford and Maped Smiling Planet FSDUs


Oxford branded school stationery including our traditional and eco ranges. Products include maths sets, pencils, pens, rulers, pencil sharpeners and erasers and colouring products.

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