14 - 16 October 2018

The Schoolwear Show

The Schoolwear Show is the biggest event in the schoolwear industry calendar, and this year's show is bigger than EVER!!

The Schoolwear Logo

The Schoolwear Show is owned by and operated by The Schoolwear Show Limited.

The companies who own The Schoolwear Show Limited are:

david luke ltd
rowlinson knitwear ltd
william turner son ltd

The show is organised on a purely voluntary basis; the directors giving up their own time to organise the show.

The Schoolwear Show is hosted at Cranmore Park Conference and Event Centre.

The Schoolwear Show Limited is a major donor to and supporter of the Schoolwear Association.

General Information
Email: info@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

David Burgess - David Luke Ltd
Tel: 0161 272 7474
Fax: 0161 272 6363
Email: david.burgess@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Nigel Plenderleith - Banner Ltd
Tel: 01225 710768
Fax: 0845 2301888
Email: nigel.plenderleith@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Andy Smith - William Turner & Son Ltd
Tel: 0161 480 8582
Fax: 0161 480 0985
Email: andy.smith@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Andy McConnell - Rowlinson Ltd
Tel: 0161 477 7791
Fax: 0161 480 2083
Email: andrew.mcconnell@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

James Greenlees - Gymphlex Ltd
Tel: 0116 2556326
Fax: 0116 2471215
Email: james.greenlees@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Cath Gibson – The Schoolwear Show Ltd
Tel: 07980 744001
Email: cath.gibson@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Show Highlights

Show Highlights



Free to attend seminars

Free to Attend Seminars

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