14 - 16 October 2018

The Schoolwear Show

The Schoolwear Show is the biggest event in the schoolwear industry calendar, and this year's show is bigger than EVER!!

The Schoolwear Logo

A new look for a bigger & better show

The Schoolwear Show is owned by and operated by The Schoolwear Show Limited.

The companies who own The Schoolwear Show Limited are:

david luke ltd
rowlinson knitwear ltd
william turner son ltd

The show is organised on a purely voluntary basis; the directors giving up their own time to organise the show.

The Schoolwear Show is hosted at Cranmore Park Conference and Event Centre.

The Schoolwear Show Limited is a major donor to and supporter of the Schoolwear Association.

General Information
Email: info@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

David Burgess - David Luke Ltd
Tel: 0161 272 7474
Fax: 0161 272 6363
Email: david.burgess@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Nigel Plenderleith - Banner Ltd
Tel: 01225 710768
Fax: 0845 2301888
Email: nigel.plenderleith@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Andy Smith - William Turner & Son Ltd
Tel: 0161 480 8582
Fax: 0161 480 0985
Email: andy.smith@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Andy McConnell - Rowlinson Ltd
Tel: 0161 477 7791
Fax: 0161 480 2083
Email: andrew.mcconnell@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

James Greenlees - Gymphlex Ltd
Tel: 0116 2556326
Fax: 0116 2471215
Email: james.greenlees@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Cath Gibson – The Schoolwear Show Ltd
Tel: 07980 744001
Email: cath.gibson@theschoolwearshow.co.uk

Show Highlights

Show Highlights